The celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass takes place in our parish most days. The Mass is, for Catholics , the high point of the day since the Eucharist is the ‘source and summit’ of all we do in the Christian life. All members of the parish are encouraged to attend the celebration of Mass as often as possible.



At this time the numbers we are accommodating for any one Mass/service are 30 persons. As this number is very restricted at this time, if you wish to attend Sunday Mass at St Cuthbert’s, Fr Kopec asks that parishioners let him know directly ahead of Mass by phoning him at St Cuthbert’s presbytery).

We would want to encourage all our people, if possible, to attend a weekday Mass as an alternative to Saturday evening or Sunday Mass if convenient. Thorough cleaning and sanitization will need to take place after each Mass and that may mean the number of Masses may need to be reduced going forward. While we will attempt to take appropriate and reasonable precautions consistent with the advice of public health authorities, parishioners should understand that they themselves assume responsibility for their own health any time they enter a public space since such precautions do not completely eliminate the risk of infection.



Initially, the Mass/Service times will be as follows, in our churches, as from Sunday 5th July 2020. (N.B: Please note in particular any changes that may occur. These Mass/Service times and their number are on a strictly experimental basis only and will be reviewed over the summer period based upon our numbers at each Mass and the numbers of volunteers from each Mass for the cleaning of each church):

SUNDAY: 10.00am


TUESDAY: 10.00am


WEDNESDAY: 10.00am - St Cuthbert


FRIDAY: 10.00am


SATURDAY: 6.00pm - St Cuthbert (First Mass of Sunday)


Masses are offered for many reasons, for the souls in purgatory, for someone who is sick, in remembrance for someone who is deceased, or in honour of an anniversary, birthday etc.


If you would like to have a Mass offered for a particular intention please complete one of the ‘Mass Intention’ envelopes found in the porch of the church and place in the collection basket at Mass or hand in to the sacristy. Alternatively, send to the priests using the contact information at the link below:



Confession times will be as follows, as from Sunday 5th July. 

(These times are on an experimental basis only and will be reviewed over the summer period based upon numbers and required volunteers for the cleaning of each church):

Sundays after 10.00am Mass

Tuesdays: 10.30am –



Thank you, once again, to those parishioners who have generously helped steward and clean our church at this time so we could re-open for private prayer.


As from Sunday 5th July 2020, and for an initial undetermined period, prayerful visits to our churches will be around Mass/Service times only. This is because after each Mass/Service/Opening each church needs to be cleaned.



Our church will open from 5.30pm and will close immediately after the evening Mass.



Our church will open at 9.30am and close at 2.00pm.


MONDAY TO FRIDAY (only on days when there is Mass in that particular church): Our church will open at 9.30am and will close at 11.00am on these days.


To be clear: These new times (above) will, after Sunday 5th July 2020, replace the afternoon and evening visit slots at both churches that have been in place these last two weeks. These (new) opening times will be reviewed again into the summer.

N.B: Again, more volunteers/cleaners are required for at the end of each Mass/Service/Opening ready for the next Mass/service/Opening. If we struggle in this regard we will likely have to reduce the number of Masses.

Mass on Holy days of Obligation

Please check the weekly Parish Newsletter.


N.B: Masses in our Linked Parish

The Mass times of our Linked Sister Parish of St John Vianney & St Monica, Park Rd, Blackpool can be found here.

Altar Servers


An altar server is a lay person who assists the priest at the altar, primarily during the Sacrifice of the Mass, so that worship is performed in a reverent and beautiful manner. 


Following First Holy Communion children and young people are encouraged to consider becoming Altar Servers. To know more about the role please speak to one of the priests. 

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