St Cuthbert's Parish, Blackpool takes all matters of Health & Safety very seriously.  Each parish has a responsibility from the Diocesan Trustees to ensure, as far as reasonably possible, the safety and well-being of all clergy, parishioners, visitors. 


Our nominated representatives: Linda Wisdom and Mike Grayston are charged with keeping up with our Health & Safety requirements and responsibilities as a Parish and especially with ensuring all the relevant policies are up to date and checks made using the online framework provided by Safety Toolbox - under the oversight of the priest in charge/parish priest.

Finally, all who undertake work for our parish are expected to act responsibly in order to prevent injury or illness to themselves or others. They should also work closely with the parish clergy in all matters relating to Health and Safety.   Should a Health & Safety incident arise then this must be reported to the parish priest/priest in charge as soon as possible in order that an investigation can take place and a report filed within an accident book.  Depending upon the level of accident/injury, the Diocesan Health & Safety Coordinator may also need to be informed.

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