The Seven Sacraments are founded on Christ and firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition. The sacraments are moments of encounter between God and human beings. They make Christ’s presence and grace real in the world in a very particular way at a particular time.


In our Parish we put great emphasis on proper preparation for the sacraments.  This stress on preparation is to enable people to come to the sacraments with a deeper understanding of what they are receiving so that their encounter with Jesus Christ will help them in their life of faith.


For information on marriages, baptisms, first confession & holy communion, confirmation or enquiries into the Catholic Faith please contact one of the priests of the Parish.


Our Parish Sacramental Programmes

All our sacramental programs are parish-based and are designed to enhance parental, young people's and children's involvement in preparation for the Sacrament. The programmes rely on the commitment of the parents, young people and children to prepare the children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation. 



​Our parish community together with that of our linked sister parish, St John Vianney & St Monica’s on Park Road share a common and mandatory baptismal policy which expresses how our faith communities desire to ensure this sacrament is a gateway to a life of commitment to practising the Christian Faith. Our policy involves a compulsory preparation session generally held on the first Tuesday of each month at either the presbytery (the priest’s house) at St John Vianney or at St Cuthbert’s Church. (Keep an eye on our parish newsletter for exact dates for the preparation). This preparation is intended for parents but can also be attended by godparents too.


Because Baptism is so important arrangements for baptisms are not made by telephone or by email or by calling to the presbytery. Instead, parents are asked to collect a leaflet (with a form) from the priest in the sacristy after they have attended Sunday Mass. This leaflet has all the information necessary about preparing well to celebrate your child’s baptism.  Please read this leaflet carefully and bring the completed form accompanying it to the next preparation meeting. An integral part of our policy is the expectation that parents/guardians will join with our parish communities for the Sunday celebration of Mass.


We usually confirm the date at the preparation meeting when all families are present preparing for Baptism at the same time. 


Do please remember that, as Catholics, we go to Mass on Sundays. Do make yourself more familiar with the parish by attending Mass and parish events.  We would be delighted to have you with us.


First Confession & Holy Communion

​Please see the designated First Confession & First Holy Communion page for news of what is required for the next Parish-based First Communion Preparation Programme.



Please see the designated 2019 Confirmation page for what is required for this sacrament.


Arranging Your Wedding

​Congratulations on your decision to get married as man and wife together. We share your joy!


Couples for Catholic marriage at St Cuthbert’s will need to be prepared by one of the priests some (at least three) months ahead of time. To get things started do contact the priests, as soon as possible.

The contact details are here.


Contact the Priests to Organise Funerals

​Please accept our condolences and promise of prayers for your loss. 

Although the funeral director of your choice will help you with many things, to organise the details of the funeral liturgy of your loved one you will need to contact the priests of the parish directly. The contact details are here.


Catholics going into Victoria Hospital

​If you or a close relative are going into Blackpool Victoria Hospital and would like a visit from the hospital Catholic Chaplain please leave a message on the chaplaincy answerphone (01253 956299) leaving the name of the patient and which ward they are on. Urgent requests for a priest should be made via the staff on the ward.


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